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                當前位置:首頁 English CWRC News 正文

                CWRC launches comprehensive law enforcement supervision and inspection of Hubei section of the Yangtze River

                來源:CWRC 時間:2020年06月09日
                Recently, the Changjiang Water Resources Commission and the Hubei Provincial Department of Water Resources launched a comprehensive law enforcement supervision and inspection of the Hubei section of the Yangtze River.
                The scope of this law enforcement inspection involves 11 counties (districts) in 4 cities including Hubei, Wuhan, Yichang, Jingzhou and Xianning. The inspection team conducted on-the-spot surveys, drone aerial photography, and on-site surveys to supervise and inspect the implementation of 26 suspected illegal projects and 15 water administrative licensing projects of the CWRC. The inspection team determined the location and boundaries of the project construction, checked the implementation of the project permit requirements, and strictly followed the "Four-One" (a set of coordinates, a set of photos, a video, a report) law enforcement requirements to establish a law enforcement station account, improving the basic database of law enforcement. In view of the problems found in the inspection, the inspection team put forward rectification opinions on the spot, and clarified the responsible and supervisory bodies for the rectification of the problems.
                The joint law enforcement inspection has received strong support from the Hubei Provincial Department of Water Resources and related localities, further consolidating the water administrative law enforcement mechanism that combines the basin and the region. In the next step, the CWRC will continue to strengthen the dynamic supervision of river-related construction projects within the scope of river management and deepen the law enforcement linkage mechanism. The normal water order of the Yangtze River will be effectively maintained .
                微正是四百到五百编号战信掃描二維碼,關註∑ 長江水利網