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                當前位置:首頁 English CWRC News 正文

                CWRC promotes water regulation and management in the Wujiang and Niulan River basins

                來源:CWRC Website 時間:2020年06月19日
                Recently, a special office meeting was held by the Changjiang Water Resources Commission to consider the "Wujiang River Basin Water Dispatching Plan (Trial)" and "Niulan River Basin Water Dispatching Plan (Trial)".
                The Wujiang River and Niulan River are the second batch of rivers distributed by the Ministry of Water Resources across the provincial river basin. In January 2018, the Ministry of Water Resources approved the Wujiang River Basin Water Allocation Plan and the Niulan River Basin Water Allocation Plan. The CWRC began to organize the formulation of the Wujiang and Niulan River Basin Water Dispatching Plan, annual water allocation plan and dispatching plan. In 2018 and 2019, after compiling the Wujiang and Niulan River basin water dispatching plans and completing the results consultation and results review, the water administrative departments, power dispatching authorities, and project operation management units of the provinces and regions in the basin were successively consulted.
                The meeting listened to the report of the Yangtze River Water Resources Bureau and the Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research. It is believed that the plan preparation has clear thinking, correct technical route, comprehensive content, reasonable results, and strong operability. The meeting emphasized that the two plans are specific measures for coordinating the contradiction between the development and utilization of water resources in the Wujiang and Niulan river basins, optimizing the allocation of water resources, improving the ecological environment of the watershed, and guaranteeing the rights and interests of all parties to water use. Relevant departments (units) should strengthen the unified management of water dispatching in the Wujiang and Niulan River basins according to the work deployment and program requirements of the Ministry of Water Resources. The meeting called for the implementation of water scheduling responsibilities, strengthened supervision and inspection, and strict evaluation to ensure that the goals of water scheduling are implemented.
                After the meeting, the plan will be further revised and improved according to the opinions of the meeting, and then printed and implemented, and reported to the Ministry of Water Resources for the record.